Bai Jin

By Kat Neo | 13 February 2019


By Kat Neo 13 February 2019

Bai Jin

How much Bai Jin (donation) should I give? Is it different for different religious groups?

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By Timeliss Publication 13 February 2019

There is no fixed amount. An amount between $10-20 are acceptable, depending on how close you are with the family. The tributes are typically placed in an envelope and left with a family member of the deceased. The tributes are typically used by the family to cover funeral expenses which can cost from $5,000.

More families today are donating the tributes to charities in memory of their loved ones - a growing trend of "legacy giving". Visitors are also more open in giving more ($50-$100) when they know that the condolence money is channeled to charities. 

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