Tan Poh Noy

24th Jun 1927 — 17th Apr 2019
Family 19th April 2019

Rest In Peace Ahma

Robin Pho and Diana 19th April 2019

Ah Ma has always been a beacon of joy to us. She’s always curious and inquisitive to how everyone is doing and always generous with her compliments and well wishes. Despite her limited strength, she always wanted to carry the babies, feed them and take care of them. Reuben and Declan are very glad to have spent time with Ahma from the time they were born and at many of the family gatherings. We will always miss you and love you. Rest In Peace Ahma, May you watch over us from Heaven above.

Debbie 20th April 2019

Ah Ma, my grandma. Where do I start to honour such an amazing lady?
Truth be told, I struggled to put my thoughts on paper. Just as I struggled to express myself properly in Mandarin to Ah Ma every time I met her. I used to joke with my friends that my Ah Ma could understand more of my English than my Chinese.&
She understood English because Ah Ma worked for the British when she was younger. She toiled hard for them, and definitely earned her spot as one of the Pioneer Generation who built Singapore.
Ah Ma married my Ah Gong and together, they had 9 children. Those 9 children got married and had their own children. Some of whom have gotten married and had children. Some are going to get married and some have children on the way. As you can imagine, our family celebrations are super boisterious!
We all loved gathering to celebrate important occasions with Ah Ma. And our pretty Ah Ma loved to "打扮美美", as my Second Aunty put it. Jewellery, view all